Appetite for business change…go on a lean diet

Author: Fay MacDonald

Who really has the appetite to drive through difficult change in Programmes / Projects


Many Business Change programmes / Projects are really just IT projects…but don’t need to be…why not apply Lean thinking to Programme / Project Management Plan itself.

Business cases often identify lots of aspirations and the grand purpose of the project. However, to really deliver, they need a focus from a process and people perspective, otherwise they just don’t get there.

How to get Lean with a Programme / Project

  1. Where are you starting from: Baseline business processes, document the “as is”;
  2. What is the purpose?: Identify clearly why the changes need to happen and what the anticipated measurable outcomes will be and who will be responsible for delivering;
  3. Find the waste and get rid of it: This is usually a challenge, many people don’t like to change things the way they always have been and especially if it will involved removing or changing people’s job roles – HR may need to be involved from the get-go on this;
  4. Add value to the purpose: Make sure that when designing the new business process flows that every step adds value to “the Purpose”;

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