Passion…are you insane?

Author: Fay MacDonald

You have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing – Steve Jobs


Work is hard and we need passion in order to persevere

I have been surprised over and over in my working life at the number of people who do not have a passion for what they do. They get up day after day and go to a job which they are either indifferent about or at worst, they actually hate it.

Most work has its challenges, it can be tough to keep going. However, if I didn’t have a passion for what I do, then I don’t think I could keep going with it day after day. In large organisation / business change and IT projects there are lots of challenges that will test our perseverance:

Passion: Mural / grafitti art in Glasgow, Scotland

  • There are lots of deadlines
  • There are usually lots of changes being implemented – which tends to make people anxious
  • There is usually a new team to settle in to working with each other
  • There will be complex problems to solve
  • Things that are meant to work (cos they have elsewhere) very often don’t and it is difficult to understand why
  • There may be other projects or business priorities depending on the delivery of the project at a particular time…adding more pressure

To live a fulfilling life the type of energy and passion which we typically put into personal relationships ought to mirror in all aspects of our lives; including our work. We need to care for what we do, the outcomes and the effect on the other people and the organisation; strive for quality and excellence.


To stick with a tough job and stay reasonably sane I think we need to love what we do. Otherwise we are actually wasting our lives on something that is not fulfilling for us and adding to the stress of our lives. This is an insane thing to do; and what can and does contribute to a lot of people having stress related sick-leave from work.

Preserving Sanity

I agree with the notion Steve Jobs puts forward in an interview in 2007 (click below to view it). He states that successful people tend to be passionate about what they are doing and can therefore persevere. People who are not passionate, will quit…in order to preserve their sanity.

What he doesn’t talk about, however, is what happens to those who are not passionate and stay anyhow. I will comment more on thought in future posts.

Success comes from doing what we are passionate about

Seeing a large and difficult project through to the end requires a lot of perseverance. Digging in to reserves is often required.

However, to enjoy the journey no matter how tough, we need to believe in what we are doing in order to truly succeed.

Believing in what we do adds an energy which cannot me forced or cultivated. We need to do what we love to do and not just tolerate the path we have may have found ourselves on. Reluctance and indifference do not breed success, but passion does.


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