Time…How Did I Get Here?

Author: Fay MacDonald

Time is… “the continuous passage of existence in which events pass from a state of potentiality in the future, through the present, to a state of finality in the past”

- source: Oxford English Dictionary

Reflections on Time… Good or Bad…and Fresh starts

I am drawn to thinking about the passage of time in a month with birthdays of people close to me and including me. A time to reflect on the past year and to dream of the year to come.

Today 11 11 11 is believed by some as a figurative reset button on the calendar, with the potential of a new phase, a clean sheet.

Pondering on how we actually measure the passage of time, I have concluded that mostly we don’t put a measurable value on it  as a concept in its own right.  Rather we measure it in relation to our interpretation of what we believe the potential achievements could have been in times which have passed.  What did we think we would achieve in the last day or month or year?

How Did I Get Here?

When we say it was a good or bad year, is this in relation to what we expected, planned and worked towards…or was it what we were dealt?  How do we answer the question  How did I get here? from the Talking Heads song – Once in a Lifetime (see it on YouTube by clicking here

Lists full of potential

Me, I love to make lists!  Lists of goals and objectives, To-do lists, packing lists for holidays.

I find that keeping track of an idea or dream is really satisfying.  The sense of achievement knowing that each tick is a mark of progress towards a goal is so rewarding.

I find that this works…mostly. Circumstances outside my control will of course happen. That is normal. At the very least I am travelling on the path I have chosen if I have a clear list. At the very best, I will reach or be close to the destination I have dreamed of. Sometimes things don’t get marked off the list because I haven’t done them. Sometimes ideas evolve and certain things on the list cease to be important, maybe it has been replaced by something better to do. All of that is ok, life happens sometimes a detour is ok and may even work out for the best.

The satsifaction for me out of making lists or making detailed plans is that the list / plan becomes the visual driver to creating the impetus for progress…it creates inertia for my dreams to be realised. For me it is the first step to make the reality and results happen.

So my today will be a day to create a new list of what to do on this visual calendar re-set.

Believing that we have potential to create something new,   planning for it and then work towards doing it…there is excitement in that.  Hope is eternal as the saying goes.  I believe in that.

What would you put on your list today?


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