Top 5 things you must do to extract benefits from a project

Author: Fay MacDonald

Top 5 things you must do to extract benefits from a project


Many fail at the simple task of Benefits Delivery

Many Projects, big and small, complex and simple fail to deliver benefits. Yet it is actually a pretty simple thing to do if the proper steps are followed.

What are the Top 5 things to do?

  1. Start early: The work on extracting the honey [Benefits Realisation] needs to start up-front when scoping and planning the Project;
  2. Press the flesh: Assumptions need to be challenged. People from areas that will be impacted or relied upon for any part of the delivery need to be invited to comment;
  3. Clear understanding and clear articulation: If the Business Case is woolly in any way, then it is almost certain that the Benefits will not be delivered in the time-frames that are claimed. The key components need to be spelled out and well articulated;
  4. Sustained workstream: To achieve the Benefits, the effort in scoping and planning of the benefits needs to be sustained throughout the Project. The effort on looking at the details in the scoping phase merely proves that Benefits are possible. However, they won’t deliver themselves;
  5. Ask great questions: The quality of the Benefits Case and the quality of the delivery depends so much on having asked great questions of the right people. A Project Manager cannot be expected to know the detail of all the “Why, What, Who, Where, How and When” aspects for that particular organisation. However, the Project Manager and the writer of the Benefits Case needs to know that the questions need to be asked…and answered.

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