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Author: Fay MacDonald

Are you an effective supporter or are you a saboteur?


Your best critic will help you achieve the best results

Many studies have been carried out the world over which tell us time and again things like:

  • Following a mentor will give you a path to follow – If we follow someone who has been successful at something we want to do then we will start to emulate what they do if we hang around them;
  • Encouraging people to be their best works better than focus on the bad – If the ladies go shopping with their partner/ husband-boyfriend/best friend and they try on lots of jeans – when they ask the question “does my bum look big in these?” they never want to hear “yes”….they simply want to know which pair of jeans is the most flattering cut for them so that they can look their best;
  • Harsh words destroy – This happens to people…but also to plants apparently. A study conducted a few years ago at Wisley Horticultural Centre in England witnessed this in a controlled research test on tomato plants. Speaking kind words to these plants every day caused them to flourish. Conversely, speaking harsh words to other plants in the same conditions caused them to wither and die. Apparently this is something to do with the energy which we give out as we speak the words.

Why do Negative Prats bother going to Football Matches

John Terry and Juan Mata - Chelsea Vs Fulham - 26 Dec 2011

I took my nephew to his first big football match on Boxing Day. We are both big Chelsea fans. We went to the Chelsea Vs Fulhham football match at Stamford Bridge – the Chelsea FC home ground. We had fantastic seats in the second row next to the management section and had a great view of all the players warming up and the pitch. The stadium was packed with 41,548 fans, despite a tube strike and other rail and road problems.The match was great…although we would certainly have preferred a Chelsea win, rather than a 1-1 draw.

Unfortunately there was a running commentary from a negative prat sitting behind us. This prat purported to be a Chelsea fan…he was wearing all the Chelsea colours and cheered when Mata scored a goal. Yet he spent much of the match yelling out at various Chelsea players about what he thought they were NOT doing and that it was “time they were dropped from the team or taken off” etc. Not once did he yell out anything positive.

I just don’t comprehend why anyone (let alone a fan) would pay money and spend an afternoon to watch a match whilst being so critical that they are actually destroying the spirit and energy rather than supporting the team. On top of that, I am sure he felt pretty bad by the end of the afternoon too.

Why not just cheer at the good bits, encourage the players to do more of what they each do well. Send out some positive energy vibes!

Positive Thinking, Positive Words, Positive Results

Focusing on positive thoughts, only speaking positive words always deliver positive results. Even if this is in a difficult circumstance, speaking positively will bring out the best result we can hope for.

If we all made this a New Years Resolution for 2012, what a pleasure our world and our Projects at work would be.

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